Executive Creative Director becomes Documentary Film maker

Guest - Shawn Kelley, HMH Agency


Shawn Kelley

HMH Agency



For over 20 years, I’ve helped organizations cut through the noise to tell their stories and make a difference. I work with businesses to make emotional connections with their customers, creating positive community and economic growth. Starting my career as a visual designer, I’ve worked as an art director and creative director. I’m currently the Executive Creative Director for HMH Agency, a branding and advertising agency, where I lead creative teams in our Charlotte, NC and Portland, OR offices. I’ve been fortunate to lead teams earning awards and accolades, including National Addy Awards, Best of Show AAF Regional Awards, Telly Awards and numerous regional and local Addy Awards. I earned a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Visual Art from University of North Carolina Charlotte and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. Work accomplishments, awards, education – sure, that’s all good. But my proudest accomplishments are my three children – Jessie, an Emergency Medicine resident in Atlanta, Dillon, who works in a craft cocktail bar in Chicago while playing in three bands, and Liam, a 14-year-old devoted soccer goalie and second-degree black belt who loves to read. Married to Aine Walsh Kelley, an Irish dancing school teacher/owner, I live in Charlotte, NC with my wife and youngest son.